Moved to comment

In days gone by the car parks at the Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre in Aberdeen, Scotland were free.  There aren’t many events there and these car parks usually just lie empty when not in use but get filled when there is an event (as you’d expect).

Then the AECC decided that they would introduce a pay & display parking charge in order to generate revenue, which the Aberdeen City Council approved, so a heap of Pay & Display machines duly went up and from 1st May 2010 there has been a parking charge of £4 per car and £9 per bus (hey, I don’t park there, I’m just curious).

Recently I noticed that they had put white covers over the machines that said they weren’t in operation … and these covers had LPSL printed on them … bit of investigation on the AECC website reveals that the parking is operated by “Local Parking Services Limited” – haven’t found out what this is yet.

My real query is that if all the AECC was going to do was charge for parking during events … why bother putting up the machines at all ? Wonder how much it cost to put those machines up to have them lie idle most of the time then have wardens wander about and check vehicles for tickets during an event ?  Those machines have some cost and regardless of how the monetary cost is passed through other “companies” they carry a resource cost in that material has been used to make them which we all pay.

If they feel they need to charge in order to keep the AECC in business – and they claim they do – why not just have people on the gates selling tickets when there is an event on at the AECC ?  I find it strange enough that I’m moved to comment on it …

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