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Three Cheers for One-legged Jack!

Last week, we posted our first examination of inaccuracy in the Press & Journal.  Today, we wind the clock back to May and present one which is a bit simpler to get and serves to illustrate the depths to which … Continue reading

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Trump’s “five-year-old” Boeing 757

First of a series of posts in which we will look at examples of the Press & Journal printing factually incorrect information. So lets get started … DATE : 21st June 2011  EDITION : Aberdeen STORY : “Wife to fly … Continue reading

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CitySquare Design Competition fails to generate anticipated level of interest

One hundred and fifty entries! On the morning of the 21st April 2011, the Press & Journal triumphantly proclaimed that there was “Worldwide interest over plan to transform city-centre gardens“ and stated that “Mr. Reading expects around 150 teams to register … Continue reading

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You’ve Been Trumped Première

Last night I attended the Scottish première of Anthony Baxter’s new documentary You’ve Been Trumped – it’s actually the second time I’ve been to a première in Aberdeen having seen the debut of Fraser Denholm’s Run Down Aberdeen earlier in the year. Trump’s PR … Continue reading

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Moreover, they’re at it again.

Previously, the BBC’s local news link service was the subject of a blogpost which cited duplication (triplication even) of material and extensive use of advertising in this shoddy on-line offering from the BBC – sorry – provided by an external 3rd party … Continue reading

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Dogs die in hot cars

At Moved to Comment we get annoyed when myths and inaccuracies about Scotland are perpetuated. These are usually based on ignorance from media folks still coming to terms with the fact that there is life beyond the M25 but if … Continue reading

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Public plastic pays for £3,550.37 Pom Pom purchase. Priceless!

On the 27th May 2011, the Daily Telegraph published a list of spending on council credit cards above a £500 threshold and it was with great interest that we perused the section detailing the £566,929 spent using Aberdeenshire Council credit cards. Now for an … Continue reading

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