Dogs die in hot cars

At Moved to Comment we get annoyed when myths and inaccuracies about Scotland are perpetuated. These are usually based on ignorance from media folks still coming to terms with the fact that there is life beyond the M25 but if someone is working in media or PR – particularly in this internet age – then they really should take the time to try and learn a little about what they are talking about – and the country they are in – before they talk.

So we all know that we don’t have “manslaughter” “GBH” “arsonetc. etc. etc. up here, right? Good … and while the RSPCA may try and raise funds here they don’t actually help any animals here …. even if there was an episode of Taggart where a bobbie tells the boss that he’s phoned the RSPCA about a dog in a van and they’re on their way ( would have loved it if the boss had turned round and said “Whit, fae Carlisle ya tube?“) .

So we noticed that there’s to be something called Fyvie Live at the castle up the road this year … and while perusing the section on car parking for the event read the following advice –

Please DO NOT leave your dog in the car.  ( Good advice there )

The RSPCA advises that no animal should be left inside vehicles …

OK, yes, the RSPCA may well advise this but why mention the RSPCA when the event is in Scotland?

The information given by the RSPCA on dogs in cars is useful in terms of the detrimental effects of excessive temperatures on the canine metabolism but it cites Animal Welfare acts that are applicable only in England and Wales.

We have our own laws and our own animal welfare charity in Scotland, the Scottish SPCA and they also issue guidance about dogs in cars aiblins this isn’t good enough for the organisers of Fyvie Live, but it is of more relevance to dogs at Fyvie.

Someone trying to contact the RSPCA about an animal in peril in Scotland can create a double whammy – in which the animal in question suffers while the RSPCA folks are explaining they cant help and while these good folks are doing this they are diverted from helping other animals in distress when handling the call …

The Fyvie Live web page goes on to state that

… they (the RSPCA) will be in attendance at the event to ensure any pets are free from danger.

Somehow we don’t think they will.

If there are any animal welfare officers present they will surely be from the Scottish SPCA … and we truly hope that there wont be folk trying to collect money for the RSPCA there!

Who can ever forget the “The RSPCA wont save me” adverts?

To quote the Scottish SPCA website :

The Scottish SPCA is entirely separate from the RSPCA, which operates in England and Wales only. There is no such charity as the ‘RSPCA Scotland’ or ‘Scottish RSPCA’!

If you want to help an animal charity in Scotland, you can join the Scottish SPCA.

So be clear on who you donate to.  The RSPCA helps animals in England and Wales (and there is nothing wrong with that or with donating to that). The Scottish SPCA helps animals in Scotland and both organisations are different.

So, rant over, but please please please, don’t leave dogs (or cats or children!) in cars in hot weather. DOGS DIE IN HOT CARS *. One minute is one minute too long.

* Never forget Jet and Jay-Jay – the two highly trained Nottinghamshire Police Dogs who served their community loyally until left to die outside a police station in a car on 30th June 2009.

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