Moreover, they’re at it again.

Previously, the BBC’s local news link service was the subject of a blogpost which cited duplication (triplication even) of material and extensive use of advertising in this shoddy on-line offering from the BBC – sorry – provided by an external 3rd party service to the BBC.

At 12:30 today (9th June 2011) on the BBC North East Scotland webpage we were presented with the following selection of newsworthy items on other sites :

Oh no! Terror as Aberdeen building collapses !

Hope no one was injured!

Which building?

Has the great Kepplestone Kitchen Collapse happened?


Clicking on the link we are presented with a stale Evening Express story dating from 7th May 2011

C’mere there’s more ….

One of the other specially selected items also catches the eye :

Firefighters tackle blaze at Former Aberdeen school !

What again? Another one?  Which one? Are there any even left to burn down after the recent spate of suspicious fires in the city?

No new news here though as once again, clicking on the link takes us to a stale story in the Evening Express from 1st June 2011 :

Once again, its shoddy shoddy shoddy work from the BBC’s automated service and posting these stories could have caused unnecessary alarm.

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