Hold the front page

With Aberdeen City Council and Stewart Milne Group going head-to-head at the UK Supreme Court in London today, you’d have thought there might have been a mention in the Press & Journal. You know, Aberdeen City Council and a locally based company meeting in the highest court in the land, not something that happens every day. I searched in vain but could find not a word.  The only mention of Stewartie was a full colour advert spanning Pages 12 and 13 of the aforementioned newspaper peddling the wee man’s hooses, including one “style” ironically called “The Wood” (surely not named after Aberdeen’s most famous tax avoider?).  One can only speculate that a tough editorial decision had to be made and some minor stories had to be left out to accommodate these adverts 😉

Anyway, the proceedings were broadcast live for all to see and the judges will make their decision known in due course.

So, with Aberdeen’s big day in court not worthy of a headline or even a mention in the P&J, what was the big story ( 😉 )?  Geothermal energy from granite.  An interesting topic but as we have come to expect from the P&J it was a weak feature lacking in detail, effectively just churned PR puff that serves to reinforce the Energetica? Pathetica! tag that has become synonymous with ACSEF greenwash.

I’m not going to bore you with details about the potential or otherwise of geothermal energy but would like to focus on an image on the front page of the paper that highlights the weakness of the journalists and most critically, the editorial staff at the once respected Press & Journal.

Image on P&J front page 10/11/2011

A volcano in Australia is testament to geothermal power” Really? There are no active volcanoes in Australia – assuming that we are not counting a few active volcanoes on the remote and unpopulated Heard / McDonald Islands which are something like 4000 km from the Australian mainland – and thus not much good for geothermal energy.

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